For Positive Men is a peer social and support group. We were originally a support group of Body Positive (now Southwest Center) and spun off as a separate group on July 14, 2005.

The goals of the group are to...

One of our keys to success is that we have a very flat organization. There are no elected officials, dues, or bank accounts. Everyone at a planning meeting has equal say. We rotate the moderator position at the Thursday meetings so that no one dominates or gets burnt out. Members are encouraged to create outside activities.

We've found that the combination of both support and social activities keeps the group going. The social activities (dinner after the meeting, monthly events, etc.) provides a place where we can relax and be among people who understand what we're going thru. The support component allows us to get to know each other and make the friendships and find the support that we need in our lives. We're not just a bunch of guys staring at each other in a bar, but we know a little about each other and can care and support each other when needed.

You can find a complete copy of our guidelines here.

We want to thank Casa de Cristo for sponsoring the Thursday night meetings and providing us with a place to meet at no charge. We also want to thank Lodestone Systems for sponsoring this web site, again at no charge.