Frequently Asked Questions

How big is the group?

We usually have between 25 & 40 people at each Thursday night meeting. There are over 125 guys on our mailing list.

Who can attend?

The group is open to all guys, 18 and over, who are HIV+. The meetings are free of charge.

You guys meet at a church! Is this some sort of religious group?

In a word, no. We are an independent group of HIV+ guys. Topics include sexuality, drugs, and whatever is going on in our lives. There is no limits on topics because of where we meet. Casa de Cristo is very generous and allows us to meet free of charge. They do it simply as an service to the community.

Can I get referrals to doctors and services?

Yes. Come to one of our weekly meetings and we'll be glad to recommend doctors and agencies in the area. We do not provide referrals via e-mail.

If you don't see your question answered here, stop by a Thursday night meeting, check out our newcomers brochure, or e-mail